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My Howard Stern Substitute for this week…

“Don’t have much time this morning but I have to write about the radio…”

Topic – Podcast Junkie

Like most American’s I listen to the radio in the morning. I mostly listen to Howard Stern in the morning. But this week was a little different. This last weekend I found a new form of entertainment…well new to me. I started downloading more and more Podcasts from iTunes. So all this week I have been listening to Podcast, on my iPod when ever I am in my car (half my day is spent in my car, and I love Jeep for having a iPod connector STOCK). What Podcast(s) am I listening to…well.. Cali Lewis, Leo Laporte, and MacCast..too name a few… Yes I have evolved this week…I am now a Podcast Junkie!!!

But seriously, check it out you will be hooked also, that is all the time I have… off to my client now!