Technology that WOWs us all…

“So, ok here I go blogging on another site. My hope on Blogger is to have a more of a Techy look…So that said..welcome to my first blog on Blogger. My blogs will mainly talk about my experience with recent technology I have found by just surfing the web, what I think about, what I have seen and what I am doing with it. So lets get started shall we…”

Topic 1 – is as service that basically take the place of your existing voice mail on your mobile phone (Cell phone for you in the US like me). I’ve been using this service for about a month now. I actually love it. It was very easy to setup. The service only works on Verizon, Cingular and T-mobile. Here is the low down on the inter-workings…. You basically sign-up, then you follow the directions on how to set it up. YouMail will send a text message to your phone that will rewrite the setting for your service’s (in this case T-mobile) voice mail. It does not setup a forward, so your not paying for a forwarded call. It actually rewrites a little section in the phone which tells it what your voice mail number is. Now that it’s setup all you have to do is wait for a call. When a call comes in and you do not answer it the cell provider sends the caller to YouMail, there you can have a personal greeting if you know the caller or just have a regular “leave a message”. Then YouMail takes it two steps forward of every other cell phone carrier. This is what I have wanted since, well I can’t remember but it’s been a long time. It will send you an email with a actual MP3 of the voice mail. It will also send you a text message to let you know you have a voice mail, and if you have the caller in your YouMail address book it will say who left the voice mail. The email is what I love. I hate having to pay for airtime when a long-winded friends leave a huge message. There are a bunch of other cool feature like a “86” caller. Basically does not allow that caller to leave a message..great for those pesky friends that you really don’t want to talk too. So that is it, check it out at

Topic 2 –

Ok so if you know who David Pogue is, then you most likely watch his website blogs and you have seen this. You read the first topic, voice mail replacement..well this is also a voice mail replacement but it take it one step further. is a service that gives you a local number. When you signup you enter all your number you have. If you are a techy like me you have 2 or even 3 phones…or if you are like most Americans you have a work, cell and home phone….well squeeze all those number in to one number…and one place to get voice mail, block telemarketer and just have a nice way to hear your voice mails. You can create custom voice mails, you can have instead of a ring, music while the caller is waiting for you to pickup, you can listen to them leave a message and pickup in mid stream, yeah I said the same thing, wow… there are a bunch more feature that I haven’t even got to play with. But check it out and see what you think, check it out at

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