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Learn to be brilliant like the pros


© 2009 macProVideo
© 2009 macProVideo

While at MacWorld, I was fortunate to come across a brilliant company.  They produce in depth, real-time video training created by the multimedia industry’s top educators.  Their videos are one of the few that I have seen that actually are very intuitive.  Their training videos use easy-to-follow live screen captures combined with clear voice-over instruction to teach you how to use multimedia software applications.  They have all types of training videos from the basics of Mac OS X, iWeb to professional program like WaveBurner and Logic Pro.

If you would like to see and hear a brief demo click the following link. ( WaveBurner ) I guarantee you will not be disappointed.   

Recently they just announced new video for iWeb, Keynote, Dreamweaver and many others. I highly recommend this company for all your training needs.  Check them out macProVideo.com